Generator sets

O.C.R.E.M. is a reference point for the construction of generator sets for single machines and power plants. Continuous investments in technology combined with constant attention to researching and developing new solutions have earned the company a leading position in the production of 3 to 2,500 kVA generator sets.

The engines used in constructing the generator sets are furnished by leading manufacturers such as Iveco-Aifo, Man, Volvo, Scania, Deutz, Cummins, Jenbacher, John Deer, Perkins.

What is a generator set?

A generator set or "current generator" consists of a petrol, diesel, biodiesel, gas, biogas fuelled endothermic engine coupled with an alternator (usually a synchronous generator). The alternator converts the mechanical energy produced by the engine into electrical energy.

The electrical energy is produced in the form of single- or three-phase alternating current.

We can set up generators in specific versions for all requirements:

• manual operation
• auto-start
• on base
• silenced
• wheeled
• on-board with Rina, Lloyd’s Register or other homologations on request

Flexible, continuous power supply

Generator sets may be used for:

• continuous service, to replace or complete the power supplied by the national grid, guaranteeing flexible current supply;
• in emergency service, assuring continuity of service also on the case of power outage. With a vast range of available power ratings, generator sets can be used for both residential and industrial purposes.

Parallel generator sets


When the power required to self-produce the electric energy is high, it may be convenient to use several groups in automatic parallel instead of a single generator. This choice allows, for example, a greater continuity of the service, a lower wear of the machines, a greater availability of spare parts and a lower cost of the same. An energy production unit built with several groups in parallel is managed by an automatic panel that ensures the correct operation of the system: thanks to a programmable logic, the groups are put in parallel and the load is conveniently distributed among the generators. Our company designs stations and power stations focusing only on the most advanced technologies and maintaining high quality standards.


Generator sets